Latest reports from Pentagon claim that the U.S. carried out two successful airstrikes in Somalia on Monday and Tuesday this week, killing at least 12 Al-Shabaab militants.

Speaking to journalists in Washington on Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis confirmed the report saying the US government acted in “self-defense” following an “imminent threat” against American troops in Somalia.

“The two assaults were carried out by drones and US aircraft, and targeted an Al-Shabaab camp on the northern side of Kismayo town,” said the US defense official. He further confirmed that the attacks, which involved several precision-guided bombs, only targeted the militia’s home turf, thus preventing civilian casualties.

U.S. in Somalia

The United States of America has been actively involved in the process of restoring peace in Somalia from as early as 1993 during Operation Restore Hope. At that time, a US-led task force, UNITAF, was sent to enforce United Nations Security Council Resolution 794, which designated that a protected environment be created for smooth humanitarian operations in Southern Somalia.

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Featured Image – Newly trained Al-Shabaab fighters perform military exercises in their hideouts in Somalia. The Telegraph