There is an undeniable sense of enthusiasm when I get a new piece of gear and try it on for the first time. Gear has that special power, it’s not just an article of clothing, a bag, equipment, or accessory.  Instead it is a purpose driven piece of gear to assist me in my love of living my life my way and by my rules. I know when I put on a piece of gear for the first time I personally sense its purpose and imagine how well it will hold up while achieving its designed purpose. This is exactly what happened in the very moments I zipped up and buttoned the U.S. Mountain Field Jacket from Cockpit USA.  But this jacket is more than just gear, it’s a step back in time.  Cockpit USA has accomplished time and time again their ability to recreate many of the outer garments of the WWII era.  There are bomber jackets, field jackets, parkas and much more.  Not only have they recreated the look but through intense research of military records they have also recreated the process to make combat durable gear just as if they were being issued straight to the men and woman of the Greatest Generation as they we shipped over to fight and ultimately win over the evils of the world.

U.S. Mountain Field Jacket | Cockpit USA

I am a U.S. Army Veteran that was injured in 2005 in Baghdad while serving with the 10th Mountain Division.  The suicide car bomb that ended my Army career left me with an honor so deep for my final division I served in and with.  So when I put on the U.S. Mountain Field Jacket which is a direct design from the first soldier of the 10th Mountain Division I am swelled up with honor and a sense of patriotism.  But don’t think that my nostalgia has swayed my opinion on the quality of this piece of gear.  I promise you that the attention to detail by the folks over at Cockpit USA  is undeniable.  This jacket feels great and is not only made of quality material but is also stitched together for ultimate durability right here in the USA.

U.S. Mountain Field Jacket | Cockpit USA

So if you are looking for the A-2 Jacket, G-1 Jacket, B-3 Bomber Jacket, M-51 or M-65 Field Jacket, B-11 Winter Parka or one of the 10th Mountain designs head over to  Everything is made of the highest quality leathers, cottons and nylons all right here in the USA. There are designs for men, women and kids plus bags, hats, and gloves to finish off the perfect classic look.

Author – Joe Gross is an Army Veteran with two Iraq deployments. First deployment was with the 4th Infantry Division in 2003 and the second with 10th Mountain Division in 2005. Joe is a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.  He was medically discharged as a SSG (E6) in 2006 due to combat injuries.

This article courtesy of The Loadout Room.