The youngest branch of the United States military has recently announced a significant shift in its intelligence-gathering efforts and keeps tabs on adversaries’ rapidly growing space capabilities.

According to the service’s senior intelligence officer this week, the United States Space Force is set to concentrate about 75 percent of its intelligence-gathering efforts on China and Russia. This move comes in response to Beijing’s expanding influence in the Indo-Pacific region and Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

US Space Force intelligence deputy chief Major General Gregory Gagnon recently shed light on these developments and highlighted the key factors driving this strategic decision.

Death star with chinese flag
An imagined super-secret Chinese Death Star. AI image generated by SOFREP.

The Intelligence Allocation Breakdown

As part of its revamped intelligence strategy, the service has allocated three-quarters of its resources intelligence-wise to monitoring China and Russia. Of this allocation, approximately half is directed toward China, while a quarter is dedicated to Russia. Gagnon emphasized that the ongoing conflict plays a significant role in this distribution.