We have a lot of reporting and op-eds about the US Navy’s interactions with UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena). There was that time the military denied to Congress that it had any knowledge about UFOs, but two years prior, the Navy had admitted UFOs existed by showing a high-profile video of what we now know was a drone swarm over navy ships off California, We also covered the incident of the Navy trying to intercept another UFO over the USS Nimitz over six days.

Not everything called a UAP or UFO suggests extraterrestrial origins.  Most often, there just isn’t enough information to conclusively identify what it is. Some of the videos the navy has released already portray objects with shapes and the flight characteristics of no known aircraft used by human beings. Two items of particular interest, the objects don’t give off any heat or flame suggesting a traditional type of jet propulsion, but they do emit signal energy. The navy has not given the frequency range of this emitted energy so we can’t know whether the energy represents radio communication with another craft, sensors like radar, or guidance signals from a control ship.


John Greenewald, Jr., the person who runs The Black Vault, reached out to the Navy, citing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), requesting for the release of videos around UFOs or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) as the government calls these objects in the public forum.