Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with several attacks from both ground troops, missiles, and bombers, the Ukraine military has reported that it has responded by shooting down five Russian planes and a helicopter in an attempt to fend away the attacks, according to the Joint Forces Command.

As of writing, reports of Russia’s ground forces have crossed into Ukraine from several directions from Crimea and Belarus despite economic sanctions imposed by the international community intended to deter such aggression. Belurus which was conducting military drills with Russia in the past months, is located about 50 miles from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, which raised concerns of Russian forces quickly overrunning the nation’s capital.

Ukraine’s Interior Minister Adviser Anton Gerashchenko has reported that Russia has fired missiles on several military airfields, military warehouses, and military headquarters located in Kyiv, Kharkov, and Dnieper in a seeming attempt to prevent Ukraine from responding militarily to Russian troops moving into Donetsk and Luhansk. Two missiles have also reportedly hit a Ukrainian military facility in Brovary. Due to these missile attacks, Ukrainian citizens are fleeing major cities and heading west towards Poland amid Ukraine’s air raid sirens wailing in various cities.