Ukraine has launched a new attack on Zmiinyi Island (Snake Island) to render Russian forces and equipment on the island inoperable, the first of many to possibly retake the island back into Ukrainian control.

In an update from Ukraine’s Operational Command South, Ukraine claimed to have struck the island with a “concentrated blow.” They reported that the Russians had suffered “significant losses” but did not provide evidence for their claims.

“Snake Island was dealt a concentrated blow with various forces and methods of destruction, during which what the Rashists (Ruscists) proudly called the island garrison took significant losses. The military operation continues and requires information silence until its completion.”

The Operational Command South also stated that there were no changes in the composition of the Russian ships near the island, indicating they did not attack Russian ships that had been blockading their access to the Black Sea. However, as of June 20, there are reportedly four large landing vessels, five warships, and one submarine within the area, making it impossible for Ukrainians to use port facilities to send their grain and other products out into the world market.