As the world waits to see how the U.S. will approach both Syria and Ukraine, a world leader weighs in and advocates to maintain sanctions on Russia.

President Poroshenko of Ukraine has urged the West to keep the sanctions on Russia. These remarks came after POTUS Trump told The Wall Street Journal he would consider lifting the sanctions. However, that lift would be contingent on either a nuclear arms reduction or counter-terror participation.

A counter-terror partnership with Russia is possible. Russia views terrorism and radical Islamism as a serious existential threat. The Russians might also be willing to reduce their nuclear arsenal further. However, the most obvious partnership would be a joint effort to fight and eradicate ISIL.

When asked by the press about a possible removal of Russian sanctions Ukrainian President Poroshenko said, “We’ve enjoyed very strong bipartisan support in the United States during the last three years, and we don’t see any reason to change this situation.” Poroshenko later added, “We don’t see any connection [between reducing or eliminating sanctions and] possible progress in the Middle East and the situation in Ukraine”.