The Ukrainian Ground Forces are using their new Bureviy, also known as Stormy or Hurricane, as one of its attack artillery against Russia. Together with US-donated HIMARS, this multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) is paving the way for a highly targeted offensive from Ukraine.

The Bureviy MLRS was first introduced in 2020, and it is an updated version of the Soviet-era Uragan. In 2016, about 70 Uragan launcher vehicles were considered one of the top machines in Ukraine. However, because of Uragan’s older mechanism, some parts are no longer in production, like its wheeled chassis. This is one of the reasons why the Bureviy was born.

The Bureviy uses a Czech Tatra T815-7T3RC1 mobility vehicle with an 8×8 configuration. It still uses the Uragan launcher, which has 16 launch tubes to fit 220 mm rockets. Another addition to the “new Uragan” is its software that can now do automated fire control commands. It also has more advanced communication technologies that allow Ukrainians to reach out to far-off troops and receive live updates. Aside from its attack power, the Bureviy’s improved navigation system will enable it to pass through rough terrain, making it agile for intelligence-gathering missions.

This Ukrainian MLRS is highly effective for area targets, too. It has precision targeting allows it to detect troops, military vehicles, radars, air defense batteries, airfields, and other area targets, delivering one single rocket or a full salvo. Its full salvo can cover about 4.3 hectares.

In Partnership With Britain

In June, Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that they would assist Kyiv in developing a more robust missile system with permission from the US. This includes the delivery of the M270B1 MLRS (a US classic).

To add, earlier this month, Britain promised more MLRS to Ukraine. According to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, they are also donating precision-guided M31A1 missiles which can strike targets up to 50 miles away. This will allow Ukraine to keep its momentum to advance to its borders. Partnered with the HIMARS, the long-range offense also allows Ukrainian soldiers to be in safer locations instead of fighting a direct confrontation.

“This latest tranche of military support will enable the Armed Forces of Ukraine to continue to defend against Russian aggression and the indiscriminate use of long-range artillery.”