After months of intense fighting in what is now the frontlines of the war in Severodonetsk, the Ukrainian troops holding various defensive positions in the city have been forced to retreat, marking the end of the Battle for Severodonetsk.

Governor of the Luhansk Region Serhiy Gaidai has announced on Telegram earlier last Tuesday that the troops from Severodonetsk will be redeployed to areas wherein the Ukrainians have stronger defensive lines. He stated that the defensive positions within Severodonetsk have been “smashed to pieces” and that there was no point in holding the defensive positions any longer as their troops would be sitting ducks to the incoming advancing Russian forces. These Russian forces are believed to be units of the Russian 2nd Army Corps supported by the Russian National Guard(Rosgvardia) which is commanded personally by Putin as his own private army.

Gaidai further added that the troops have been ordered to withdraw and move to new positions, however, he did not reveal where they would be removed or if the troops had already displaced from their positions in the besieged city.

The resulting retreat from the Ukrainian forces marks a strategic victory for the Russian forces who have so far struggled to capture various areas in Ukraine since their invasion had started last February 24. To date, they have successfully captured the southern city of Kherson during their initial advance to Kyiv, and the bombarded port city of Mariupol, where the Ukrainian marines held out in the Azovstal Iron and Steelworks Plant for months prior to being ordered to surrender.

Gaidai also reported that over 90% of the houses in Severodonetsk were damaged and 80% of all these houses will have to be demolished after the war. This indicates that the city has suffered the same fate as the city of Mariupol, where virtually all houses and buildings had been destroyed due to the Russians’ usage of unguided, dumb bombs which rained on the Ukrainian skies onto the captured city.