Despite being bombed, Kyiv has gone into survival mode.

Residents of Kyiv, the bombed capital of Ukraine, clutched empty bottles in search of water and huddled in cafés for warmth and power Thursday, switching into survival mode after new Russian missile strikes the day before plunged the city and much of the country into the dark.

It’s hard to believe, but some Kyiv residents collected rainwater from drainpipes as repair teams worked to reconnect water supplies to the city of 3 million.
People wanted to find out who had electricity and water backup after the previous day’s aerial assault on Ukraine’s power grid left many with neither. Some had one but not the other.

Ukrainians Share Their Experiences

Despite restoring water to his third-floor flat, investment banker Oleksiy Rashchupkin discovered that power had yet to be reconnected. In addition, his freezer leaked, leaving a puddle on the floor due to the blackout.