I’m going to start a small series on ultralight gear for hiking, backpacking and trail running. To kick it off I’m going to begin with an Ultralight EDC (Everyday Carry). Although this EDC kit that I’m going to discuss isn’t as sexy as some other selections out there, it’s proven quality gear that is lightweight and durable. Remember this is for ultralight outdoor activities, not a SEAL Team 6 capture or kill mission. The theory behind an ultralight EDC is to have the items you need and nothing you don’t which will in turn allow you to focus on enjoying the outdoors and not having a bat belt full of gear around your waist. The situation/activity will dictate what gear you use.

First off is a quality knife. The knife I chose for this is the Ka-Bar Dozier folding knife. For what I would need on a hike for trail run this knife will fill the role perfectly. The Ka-Bar Dozier is a jack of all trades knife that can be utilized for urban EDC, hiking, backpacking and camping. It is also recommended by a few former Marine Corps Mountain Warfare/Survival instructors. Check out my full review HERE.

An Ultralight Outdoor Adventure EDC

The second item is a flashlight. I’m typically a headlamp guy when it comes to hiking or backpacking, but Streamlight designed the clip on their line of flashlights to be mountable to the bill of your hat. The specific model light I’m using for this ultralight EDC is the Streamlight Microstream. The Microstream is one hell of a durable light and works off a single AAA battery. The single AAA battery provides a total runtime of 2.25 hours with a 45 lumen output. Yeah this isn’t a high output ‘tactical’ light, but then again that is not the purpose here. I don’t need a blinding light for hiking or running, just something to illuminate my way and provide some light during the night.