The powder keg that is the Democratic Republic of Congo’s eastern frontier has sparked up again, and this time, the fuse is lit with a bit more than just local grievances.

Whispered truths and confidential United Nations papers have let slip that the Rwandan army’s hands are dirtied, aiding the M23 rebels with gear that’s a few notches above the standard fare.

We’re talking about surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) here, folks, the kind that make the skies a no-fly zone for anyone they’re not fond of.

Missile Near Miss in Eastern Congo

One of these suspected Rwandan Defence Force (RDF) weapons took a swing at a UN drone, aiming to knock it clear out of the sky.

Luck or skill, the shot missed, but the message was loud and clear.

The weapon in question, a beast on wheels known as the WZ551 6×6 IFV mobile SAM, was caught on camera by the very drone it tried to take down.

This contraption, decked out with radar and missile launchers, was spotted lounging in rebel territory, a stone’s throw north of Goma.

Heavy Artillery on the Move and the Human Cost that comes with it

This isn’t just another day in the conflict-ridden east of the DRC. It’s a game-changer.