Just a few days. Hundreds of diplomats, senior officials, translators and hangers-on from all over the world. Dozens of intelligents agents hungry to recruit any one of them as a source, eavesdrop on their communications or pilfer some confidential information. Dozens more counterintelligence officers trying to keep those agents away. Some spies just out to recruit other spies. The United Nations General Assembly is, as a former secret squirrel put it, “the Super Bowl of espionage.”

“For an ex-spook, it’s pretty obvious” why the UNGA is a fertile ground for spying, former longtime CIA officer Bob Baer told Code and Dagger. “The U.N. is a fishbowl. New York is a fishbowl… Where are those people going to be out of their element other than New York? They’re out partying. They’re going to dinners and they’re accessible… This is your chance.”

As President Donald Trump prepares to make his first address to the General Assembly today, Baer said spy agencies the world over would have been “gearing up” for the event for a while now.


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Featured image courtesy of UN