Wolverines!  Let’s take a quick look at Gadsden Dynamics‘ Mountain Guerrilla Underground Partisan chest rig.  (From here on out, just the Partisan).  An ultralight, ultra-slim, ultra-discreet chest rig, the Partisan aims to get you and your ammo on site with a minimum of bulk and no extras.

Designed by former Special Forces 18-Bravo John Mosby’s specifications, the Partisan Chest Rig is the ultimate in simplicity.  It is a polyester elastic panel of mag pouches sewn onto a 1.5mm thick neoprene moisture barrier.  Add on some nice comfy 2″ wide shoulder straps and the package is done.  Simple.  No molle webbing, no removable velcro panels with buckles and clasps, this is just designed to get ammo to where you’re heading.  The mag pouches are available in open top and closed top varieties for the 3x (5.56mm) mag and 4x mag flavors.  Only available in open top are the 2x rifle/3x pistol mag, 3x rifle/2x pistol and 3x rifle/1x pistol loadouts.  To top it off, a 4x 7.62 rifle mag and 24x shotgun shell (12ga and 20ga) are available.

Underground Partisan Chest Rig | Low-Pro On The Go

Ok, now that we’re through the mouthful of options, let’s take a look at the specific T&E sample I’ve got here.  Three rifle mag pouches and two pistol mag pouches adorn the front.  The extra-wide shoulder straps have more load bearing capability than other chest rigs which are designed to carry far more weight.  There is an adjustable chest/around-the-back strap to keep the whole assembly from flopping around when you’re on the move.  The stitching is exceptionally even and appears to have been applied more than sufficiently.  Much like the last Gadsden Dynamics product I reviewed, the War Belt, this appears to have produced by a shop that spends more time designing and fabricating their gear than they do promoting their brand name.

Underground Partisan Chest Rig | Low-Pro On The Go
The backside

The elastic does a really good job securing magazines.  For serious rough-and-tumble work I’d opt for the more secure closed-top version.  But for a day at the range or a hunting trip, this is more than adequate.  The inside of the elastic mag loops are slick and snag-free as one would hope.  Reinserting your mags is easy enough, something a few other manufacturers have managed to bork due to excessively tight openings.

The exceptionally slim design adds very little bulk.  I can keep this worn under a zip-up hoodie or jacket without attracting undue attention.  For a low-profile scenario, this is just the ticket.  Sure, many shooters feel the need for plates, first-aid kits and utility pouches.  Those things have their place and are well represented in the marketplace.  For a nice, slim chest rig that will keep your ammo close at hand, the Partisan Chest Rig is a good option and worth a look.  Retail is $60, check it out!

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.