Editor’s Note:  This piece of expert content was contributed by longtime mixed martial arts competitor and coach certified by the International MMA Federation, Miguel Antonio Ordoñez. The following is presented for educational and entertainment purposes only. Don’t go out and try these moves for yourself without first receiving extensive professional training. – GDM


‘A creative, gentle, and artful way of taking somebody’s life with your bare hands.’ That’s how I’d describe sport Jiu-Jitsu and its concepts, and that’s no exaggeration. 

In past articles, I’ve shown both sides of the coin. There’s a good chance your techniques can fail you in a non-sport scenario. But you minimize that risk if you know what you’re doing

You can say the same thing about sport jiu-jitsu and its various forms. For the uninformed, they only see people in pajamas rolling on a matted floor, sweating all over each other’s faces. Fair enough. 

But when used correctly, they could get you out of a sticky situation. It’s all about picking out the appropriate weapons from your arsenal. And, more importantly, using them at the right time. 

Practical Sport Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

Not all sport jiu-jitsu techniques will work outside the gym, so we’ve picked those that would. Here they are. 

Front Headlock Chokes

This one’s a personal favorite. People open themselves up to front headlock chokes when they lazily try to tackle you to the ground. In a sport scenario, it’s a wrestling move called the double-leg takedown.