The Top III Association of Prince Sultan Air Base, presented an award to an airman who went above and beyond their normal duty tasks.

The Unsung Hero award recognizes up-and-coming leaders within the ranks of E5 and E6 who exemplify their service’s core values, oftentimes behind the scenes, inspiring others and contributing to the improvement of customer service and the overall mission.

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Zachary Cliburn, an aircraft fuel systems specialist with the 378th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron, led his section, as a staff sergeant in a technical sergeant position, in managing multiple programs accomplishing a near 100 percent fully mission capable rate during the Agile Combat Employment Agile Spartan exercise.

“It feels good to get recognition, you know, we’re out here all the time busting our butts,” said Cliburn. “Personally, I’m gonna do it day in and day out either way, but it is nice to feel recognition from my unit and the people above me.”

Cliburn secured the repair of pilot-reported faults within an eight-hour fix rate and executed a progression plan for Airmen on pre-launch mission critical repair tactics, techniques, and procedures. His leadership across multiple maintenance actions contributed to the 378th Air Expeditionary Wing’s Airpower in AFCENT’s area of responsibility.

“My favorite part is the deployed environment,” said Cliburn. “The team unity between working with the crew chiefs and the other units out here every day to get the jets in the air and provide for the mission. It really makes you feel like you’re doing something for the country and the people around you.”

Cliburn has been in the Air Force for nine years and has deployed three times. His career field provides troubleshooting for part component changes supporting the fuel system integrity of the F-16 Fighting Falcon fleet at PSAB and other airframes when assigned.

The Prince Sultan Air Base Top 3 Association is a group of senior non-commissioned officers devoted to helping the PSAB enlisted force.