The United States Air Force has sent six fighter aircraft to an airbase in Israel for a limited period of time.

On Monday, the United States Air Force sent six fighter jets to an Israeli Air Force base located in the south of Israel, intending to disperse its aircraft amongst numerous airbases as a strategy.

Located in the Middle East, Israel is a close ally of the United States and provides several strategic benefits in case of a potential conflict with Iran. The Israeli Air Force would be a critical asset for the US Air Force due to its proximity to the country and its advanced counter-terror and anti-missile capabilities. The Israeli Air Force has modern long-range offensive aircraft that could be used for airstrikes against Iranian targets outside of international airspace and air defense systems that would protect US forces from retaliatory strikes from Iran. 

In addition, military cooperation between the two countries allows for rapid force deployment and coordination. This makes it possible for the US Air Force to utilize Israel’s many airfields located much closer to Iran than bases on American soil. Ultimately, using Israeli airspace and military resources would significantly increase the US’s chances of success in any conflict with Iran.