The US Central Command (CENTCOM) has announced that a US-led coalition has taken out a senior member of the Hurras al-Din (also known as Horas al-Din) group, an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group, last June 27. The hit, referred to as a “kinetic strike,” was executed in Idlib, northwestern Syria.

The mission was to take out Hurras al-Din’s leader, Abu Hamzah al Yemeni. According to initial reports, the terrorist leader was riding a motorcycle during the strike. He was successfully eliminated during this motorcycle ride at around midnight. There were also reports that he was hit by two rockets. However, the specific munition used to kill al Yemeni was not specified. CENTCOM also reported that there were no civilian casualties during the operation.

As Syria remains a safe haven and a hotspot for Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda-aligned militants, the US forces continue to seek these groups out to keep their effectiveness at bay. By eliminating their line of leadership, the groups will tend to be directionless, limiting their capacity to strike targets with terrorist intent.