The tension between the United States and China is hardly a mystery. The principal rubs between the two nations stem from mutual accusations of spying, the lingering trade war, U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, and the more recent world infestation by the novel coronavirus, whose origin irrefutably points to mainland China. But, the only country in defense of China is China itself. In fact, it’s simply countering America’s accusation by insisting that the virus is, in fact, America-induced. The old I’m-rubber-you’re-glue defense.

With America maintaining its posture as that of rubber and China inevitably applying to itself the role of glue, we stand to finish strong on the issue of the pandemic origin.

Recall now that America supports Taiwan, but only as a way to negatively affect the PRC. We could care less about a bunch of Chinese on an island other than the conduit it presents for acting out against the PRC. Remember now how Taiwan came to be: It was Mao Tse Dong against Chiang Kai Shek struggling in a Chinese civil war when the Japanese attacked China.

Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek (left) and Premier Mao Tse Dong

Chiang focused his effort on combatting the Japanese while Mao essentially laid low, recovering from the months of fighting Chiang’s nationalist army. When the Japanese were finally put in check, the recumbent army of Mao, freshly recovered from combat, resumed the fight with Chiang, forcing him to seek refuge on the island of Famosa, now known as Taiwan, the Republic of China!