The US Army is sending in aviation assets from their 101st Airborne Division to assist in search-and-rescue operations following Hurricane Irma’s devastating strike on Florida.

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There have been no official orders to use the soldiers or equipment yet, but the move puts them in the affected area and away from the incoming remnants of the storm.

Their location is shifting as weather models change, O’Donnell said.

“If and when we get that call, then we can boom, snap into action,” O’Donnell said.

Many of the soldiers and equipment are already en route.

“We are leaning forward now, proactively positioning our personnel and equipment to help the American people if called forward to support,” Col. Craig J. Alia, 101st CAB commander, said in a news release  “Should local officials and emergency services need additional assets, we will be staged and prepared to go at a moment’s notice.” – The Tennessean


Photo by US Army

Featured image By Sam Shore [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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