The battlefield of tomorrow is taking shape, and the US Army is arming itself with a new weapon ripped straight from science fiction: high-powered microwaves.

Epirus, a tech company specializing in directed energy solutions, announced last Wednesday (May 15) that it successfully tested its Indirect Fire Protection Capability—High-Power Microwave (IFPC-HPM) systems with the US Army. This marks a significant leap forward in countering the growing threat of drone swarms.

Countering the Drone Swarm Threat

The importance of this achievement cannot be understated.

Drone attacks are a rising concern, with the potential to overwhelm traditional air defense systems.

Swarms of small, agile drones can be difficult to track and destroy with missiles or guns.

The IFPC-HPM system offers a new solution: a silent, directed energy beam that can fry drones’ electronics mid-flight, disabling them mid-flight.