Last February, the US Army successfully completed extreme cold weather testing of its Next-Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) in Alaska, a crucial step before fielding the weapon to the 101st Airborne Division later this year.

Braving the Arctic: Testing the Next-Gen Squad Weapons

Out there in the frozen hell of Alaska, the US Army’s been putting its Next-Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) through the wringer, ensuring it can stand up to the cold that’ll freeze the balls off a brass monkey. This ain’t just another round of drills; it’s the real deal, prepping these weapons for the capable hands of the 101st Airborne Division later this year.

It’s all about making sure when we’re up against it in the Arctic, our gear won’t let us down.

Next-Generation Squad Weapon
US Army Fort Campbell Command Sgt. Maj. Chad Stackpole fires a NGSW.  (Image source: DVIDS)

Rigorous Evaluation in Extreme Conditions

Our guys, tough as nails, stationed in Alaska, had the task of pushing the XM7 rifles and XM250 automatic rifles to their limits in the kind of cold that makes -35 degrees Fahrenheit (-37 degrees Celsius) feel like a warm bath.