In the ever-twisting saga of modern warfare, where the sky has turned into a new battleground, the US Army has rolled the dice in a big way.

They’ve inked a deal with RTX Corporation, shelling out a remarkable $75 million for a battalion of 600 Coyote 2C drone interceptors.

This isn’t just another line item in the defense budget; it’s a clarion call to action in the face of a sky growing thick with unmanned aerial threats.

A Rapid Response to Emerging Threats

We’re not talking hypotheticals here.

The Iran-backed Houthis lobbing attacks at US naval assets in the Red Sea, not to mention a drone strike that took out three of our own in Jordan, have made it crystal clear: the drone threat isn’t looming on the horizon; it’s knocking at our door.

The Coyote 2C contract is the Army’s answer, a rapid-fire response to an urgent and deadly serious challenge.

The speed at which this deal was struck is nothing short of impressive.

In less than a month from the word “go,” the Army had the contract locked and loaded, a testament to the rapid acquisition authority pulling out all the stops to keep our forces ahead of the curve.