With the advent of new technologies that have enabled new domains of warfare, the military and Army is exploring how to exploit multi-domain operations as opposed to just maneuvering across the land, and later, the air domain.

Addressing an audience at the annual Association of the United States Army conference, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work expressed that the character of war is changing. This exemplifies the advancements made by near-peer competitors in the electromagnetic spectrum, cyber and air domains, among others, relative to the U.S., as many military officials have conceded that these higher-end capabilities have atrophied over 15 years of counterinsurgency and counterterror operations against technologically inferior adversaries.

This new paradigm has confused the top conceptual thinkers such as Work, who as recently as last year told the Army to think about developing an Air-Land Battle 2.0 construct. Thankfully, he said, the Army did not listen and instead approached the issues to look at multi-domain battle with cross-domain fires.

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Image courtesy of cimsec.org