Two weeks ago, SOFREP reported a confrontation between Australian and Chinese airforces as China intercepted the Australian P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft during a “routine maritime surveillance activity.” Though China said, they had legal footing when they attacked the aircraft, Australia’s on its toes.

A couple of days ago, satellite imagery of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) featured an unprecedented number of B-2 fleet. According to reports, the US has initially deployed US Air Force (USAF) to operate in Australia until the end of August. The B-2 bombers will be part of the RAAF training and the Bomber Task Force (BTF).

“Training and operating with our Australian partners has been an absolute blast,” Lt. Col. Andrew Kousgaard, commander of the 393rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, said in a statement. “Since our advance team hit the ground over a week ago, US Airmen have integrated with their Australian counterparts in every specialty: fuels, logistics, maintenance, aviators, you name it.”

USAF also sent the 131st Bomb Wing, the Missouri Air National Guard’s associate unit of the 509th Bomb Wing, to help with the RAAF training.

“We simply cannot operate effectively by ourselves in this environment, and learning to effectively integrate with our partners is absolutely critical to success. We’re training against that ‘tyranny of distance,’ alongside our Australian partners on this deployment, and that experience is truly invaluable.”