In a coordinated response to a recent surge of attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, the United States and partner forces have destroyed multiple Houthi radar sites and drones, according to an update statement by US Central Command (CENTCOM) released on Monday, June 17.

This action comes on the heels of a separate CENTCOM report detailing the Iranian-backed Houthis’ missile attack on cargo ships M/V Tutor and M/V Verbena last week.

Recap on the Houthi Attacks

On June 12, Iranian-backed Houthi rebels targeted the M/V Tutor, a cargo ship flagged by Liberia and owned and operated by Greece. They used an unmanned surface vessel (USV) to attack the ship, causing significant damage to the engine room and flooding.

Tragically, one crew member is still missing. The remaining crew abandoned the ship and were thankfully rescued by a combined force, including the USS Philippine Sea (CG 58). The M/V Tutor is currently adrift in the Red Sea, taking on water.

In a separate incident on June 13, the M/V Verbena, a cargo ship flagged by Palau, owned by Ukraine, and operated by Poland, was struck by two missiles from the Houthis.

Adding further fuel to the fire, a separate CENTCOM update revealed that an Iranian frigate, the IRIN Jamaran, was positioned a mere eight nautical miles from the M/V Verbena when the distressed cargo ship issued a distress call.

The report scathingly criticized the Iranian vessel for failing to respond and render assistance.

The M/V Verbena’s crew was ultimately rescued by another vessel, the M/V Anna Meta, after being forced to abandon ship due to uncontrollable fires ignited by the Houthi attack.