A Pentagon representative said on Tuesday that the leading defense officers from the US and China have not spoken since November, which is indicative of the current tensions between the two leading militaries of the world caused by the issues of Taiwan and a supposed espionage balloon.

At an Association of Southeast Asian Nations meeting in Cambodia, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin conversed with Chinese General Wei Fenghe on Nov. 22, as reported by the Defense Department’s spokesperson, Brigadier General Pat Ryder.

Last week, President Joe Biden also spoke with ABC News and said how crucial it was for the two major nations in the world to converse and handle any matters efficiently so that errors are not made.

Ryder said the Pentagon usually communicates with the People’s Republic of China on various levels. However, the Biden administration has expressed concern that the Chinese government did not accept a call from the Pentagon regarding a balloon incident.

An acknowledgment of the tension between the US and China has been made, due to recent conflicts, such as the balloon incident, Taiwan, and other issues. For example, in February, China refused the US’s request to schedule a call between US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe to discuss the balloon episode.