As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate, the United States and France stand united in support of the Ukrainian people. In a joint statement, the two countries expressed their “grave concern” over Russia’s actions in Crimea and called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. They also reaffirmed their commitment to NATO and vowed to continue working together to promote global security.

At a joint press conference at the White House, Biden and Macron reaffirmed their cooperation and support for Ukraine.

Despite France’s reservations about certain aspects of Vice President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, President Macron and President Biden stressed the countries’ alliance as doubt spread across Europe about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

President Joe Biden
(Source: The White House/Wikimedia)

According to Biden, it is critical to support the Ukrainian people. He added that it should be inconceivable for Putin to ever defeat Ukraine.

On the other hand, Macron said he was happy to count on the United States as a trustworthy ally again, thanking us for cooperating with him for the previous few years. In addition, he said he was grateful to have the United States as a partner supporting Ukraine.

According to Macron, it’s crucial for the Europeans and the Ukrainians that the US strongly supports them at this time. He expressed his gratitude for the solidarity supporting the world’s stability. He said that if we think we can abandon a country or ignore its principles, there will be no stability in the world.

US-France Alliance Could Bolster Ukraine’s Weapons Supply

Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron

The United States and France are also discussing supplying Ukraine with weapons to bolster its defense against Russian aggression. However, this would be a significant escalation of the international response to the conflict, and it is not yet clear what the distribution of weapons will look like.

France reportedly provides Ukraine with antitank missiles, howitzers, and 155-mm TRF1s. While the United States is providing more high-tech weaponry like artillery radars, Javelins, command units, and tactical vehicles.