India is known for having one of the world’s best high-altitude defense and offense, considering the country is essentially surrounded by mountains. Even China has begrudgingly accepted this fact recognizing New Delhi’s remarkable plateau and mountain troops, which the United States has noted as well.

Recently, India and the US concluded their joint military exercise dubbed Yudh Abhyas ’22, which raised eyes brows from China. Why? Because of the particular location chosen by the US forces to conduct the training, Auli, a hilly state of Uttarakhand known to be the disputed border that separates Beijing and New Delhi-controlled territories. The area is more than 9,500 feet and about 100 kilometers from the Line of Actual Control.

Prior to the commencement of the Yudh Abhyas, China strongly protested against it, which India and the US both dismissed, saying that “it is none of their (China’s) business.”

The 18th edition of the joint exercise took place from November 15 to December 2, where American forces trained to gain more skills and better experience of “mountain warfare.” As the US may have undoubtedly reigned the air and sea, India is arguably known to possess the world’s largest and most experienced mountain troops.