Sunday, passengers on board Air Force One were surprised to see a military cargo plane flying near them just before landing at Joint Base Andrews near Washington DC. The passengers noticed the aircraft around 6:23 pm as they were descending to the airfield.

Those from the media who saw the other plane, including a television audio technician who has been flying on Air Force One since the Carter administration, agreed they had never witnessed such a close encounter aboard the presidential aircraft.

“I would say beyond all doubt that this is a strange occurrence,” said a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel commenting on the incident, who was quoted by Strategic Sentinel, which specializes in geospatial intelligence.

Air Force One is often given more separation by air traffic controllers beyond the typical 300 meters vertically or 4.8 kilometers horizontally spacing.” – VOA News

President Trump was returning to the White House from his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida where he met with the president of China and ordered the Tomahawk missile strikes on Syria.

Feature image of US military cargo plane seen from Air Force One by Associated Press staff photographer Alex Brandon


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