Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Cardin of Temecula, Calif., was killed by rocket fire in that attack.

“Their mission is to provide fires and support of Iraqi forces, just like we do with airplanes, just it’s surface-to-surface fires (versus) air-to-surface fires”, he said.

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he was looking for ways to scale up the battle against militants in Iraq and Syria ahead of a White House meeting with top US military brass.

The Pentagon has said that they do not differentiate the military support whether in the form of airstrikes or from the ground, like at “Fire Base Bell”.

“The message of anti-Americanism, anti-U.S. that we’re the big problem in the world is the only message getting out in that region, and I think we need…to get the message out in that region”, he said. “I don’t have anything to tell you publicly at this point about any additional requests that have been made by the Department of Defense or any other member of his (Obama’s) national security team”.


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