Thales subsidiary Advanced Acoustic Concepts (AAC) announced on February 29 that it had delivered the first CAPTAS-4 variable-depth sonar for the US Navy’s Constellation-class frigates ahead of schedule.

Navy’s Newest Sonar System

The unveiling of the CAPTAS-4 sonar system for the Navy’s Constellation-class frigates is a significant win for our anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, we’ve got something promising to replace the problematic AN/SQS-62 program.

That system was widely considered to be more trouble than it was worth, causing headaches with integration and reliability.

Thales’ CAPTAS-4 system isn’t just some fancy new toy; it’s got a solid reputation.

Navies worldwide have been using it for its top-notch performance in ASW.

With this baby on board, our frigates will be equipped to handle even the sneakiest submarines—and trust me, and those submarines are getting sneakier by the day.

The contract, awarded to AAC by prime contractor Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM) in May 2022, included the delivery of two CAPTAS-4 sonars and up to eight additional transmitter assemblies.