Two Patriot missile defense systems from the US military are being sent to Poland as Western European states are preparing their defenses if Russia decides to move further west in the case that it successfully takes Ukraine. The deployment is said to be defensive in nature to protect the US’ NATO allies as Russia has reportedly fired more than 600 missiles into Ukraine in its efforts to take the country over – any stray missiles headed for Poland could be defended properly with the addition of these new missile defense systems.

These Patriot systems are normally stationed in Rhine Ordnance Barracks, Germany. However, they were repositioned in undisclosed locations in Poland, a vital NATO and Ukrainian ally that had received more than 1.5 million refugees during the ongoing Russian onslaught that has repeatedly targeted civilians and refugees. Poland already has two Patriot missile defense systems that can intercept and destroy tactical ballistic missiles.

“At the direction of the Secretary of Defense and at the invitation of our Polish allies, General Wolters, Commander of US European Command, has directed US Army Europe and Africa to reposition two Patriot Batteries to Poland,” said US European Command Spokesman Capt. Adam Miller.

“This defensive deployment is being conducted proactively to counter any potential threat to US and Allied forces and NATO territory,” said the US European Command through a statement sent to The Wall Street Journal. They claimed that the US was just acting in support of NATO’s Article 5 of the alliance’s agreement and was proof of its commitment to seeing the defense treaty through at all costs.

Harris sent to Poland to Fix Diplomatic Relations

Vice President Kamala Harris earlier announced the placement of the Patriot systems to Poland during her visit to Poland to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda. This will likely help repair any damaged diplomatic relations from the recently rejected Polish proposal of sending Polish MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jets to Ramstein Air Base in Germany.