If you follow US military aviation you know that in addition to a lack of operation aircraft there is a severe shortage of pilots. So much so that the Air Force is now considering allowing pilots to stay in flight status as an active pilot for their entire career.

The Air Force is projecting to be short thousands of pilots, both in its fighter and mobility ranks, and has approved multiple steps to address this, including more bonuses for aviators and efforts to increase flying hours. AMC is now working with Headquarters Air Force on the approval for a “fly-only track.” This means pilots could avoid staff positions, and instead spend their entire careers flying mobility aircraft, Everhart said.

“That has been a question mark since about 1900,” AMC Commander Gen. Carlton Everhart said at ASC17. “All I want to do is fly.”

This possible move is one of many AMC is considering. Everhart recently put out a request to his command for ideas on how to address the pilot shortage. He received an overwhelming response of more than 700 ideas, many of which are under consideration. – Air Force Magazine

Featured image of U.S. Air Force fighter pilots assigned to the 14th Fighter Squadron walking onto the flight line during RED FLAG-Alaska by US Air Force

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