The US Marine Corps (USMC) is strengthening its amphibious capabilities with a fresh $25 million contract awarded to BAE Systems, as announced last Monday, April 8.

This deal secures additional Amphibious Combat Vehicle-Personnel (ACV-P) units, following a previous $181 million contract for the same vehicles.

With this latest handshake, the total program value has increased to $206 million, which signifies the USMC’s commitment to modernizing its expeditionary fighting force.

Ensuring End-to-End Readiness: Beyond Vehicle Production

The contract goes beyond simple vehicle production.

It encompasses the fielding and sustainment of the ACV-Ps, ensuring they are readily deployable and maintainable once delivered.

Additionally, the agreement includes support and test equipment, which are crucial for crew training and ongoing maintenance of these advanced combat platforms.

“This contract award allows us to continue to deliver this critical capability to the Marine Corps to enable warfighters to complete ship-to-shore missions and other expeditionary requirements,” emphasized Garrett Lacaillade, the big gun at BAE Systems’ amphibious vehicle squad.

His statement underscores the importance of the ACV program in enhancing the USMC’s ability to conduct operations from sea to shore, a core tenet of the USMC’s mission.