There are some things you just can’t explain away, no matter how much of a hard-boiled realist you are.

Take the Bermuda Triangle mystery, for instance. Three points on a map form a triangle – Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Look at it on a map; it seems like any other piece of ocean. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

But here’s the kicker: ships and planes have been disappearing in this patch of the Atlantic for as long as anyone can remember. Gone without a trace, no distress signals, no wreckage, nothing. 

It vanished into thin air, like a magic trick, but no magician can reveal the secret behind it.

They say when there’s smoke, there’s fire. And there’s been enough smoke around the Bermuda Triangle to choke out the sun. 

A Slice of History: The Bermuda Triangle in the Past

If you were to step into the shoes of Christopher Columbus, you’d know that this Bermuda Triangle business isn’t a modern concoction. Columbus wrote about erratic compass readings and mysterious lights. 

Fast forward a few centuries to the 20th. Countless vessels and aircraft, both civilian and military, started vanishing just like that. The USS Cyclops, a massive carrier ship with 300 souls aboard, disappeared in 1918 without even a single SOS call. 

Sounds like a thriller movie, right? But this is no Hollywood script.