When I think of EDC items, I envision a watch, wallet, maybe a small knife and or pistol. However, I’ve seen posts on forums where people show what they carry every day and it’s astonishing. And sometimes completely unrealistic. A full size pistol, 2 double stack magazines, a fighting knife, hatchet, medical kit, gas mask, fire starter and a reserve parachute. Really? It would be nice to bring the kitchen sink with you at all times but let’s be practical. All these items won’t fit in my jean pockets. And I’m not wearing a pair of loaded down cargo pants. Just not my style. I’ve often considered a sling or messenger type bag but kept flashing back to that episode of Seinfeld and his European Cary All. Until I was sent the new Vanquest Mobius 2.0 VPacker.


This next generation gear bag might be just what the doctor ordered. I’ve always been interested in photography but carrying around a big Digital SLR, lens and flash everyday became tedious. And let’s be honest, the iPhone 7 can really take some amazing pictures. So I ditched the heavy gear and added a small drone that can capture stunning 4k video from above. The Vanquest Mobius 2.0 is the perfect bag to haul this little bird around along with my recently expanded EDC kit. In the video above, you will see how the Vanquest Mobious 2.0 easily contains and organizes my gear.

Vanquest Mobius 2.0 VPacker | Review