Experts recommend where to invest money during inflation to protect your purchasing power.

If you’ve noticed, an inflation spike is showing up in the increased cost of a future vacation or the fact that the same quantity of food now costs more at the grocery store.

According to Select, Delancey Wealth Management CFP and founder Ivory Johnson tells clients that gas is not improving; only their money is.

Consumers suffer the most because we need to know how long the rise in prices of goods and services will last or how we should react financially.

It may mean limiting splurge spending to avoid a big hit to your wallet for the everyday consumer. However, those who invest, you’re probably more concerned about your money losing value in the market.

In order to protect your money from rising inflation, Select spoke to a few experts and got their best advice. As a result, here are seven places to stash your cash right now.

Please remember to ‘TIPS’ your servers.

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are simple to comprehend, despite the term being lengthy.

When inflation occurs, TIPS follows suit and increases interest rates. Conversely, when deflation occurs, interest rates drop.