US military veteran Jesse Marshall and his neighbor Cody Deeter protected two Whatcom County deputies in the line of fire during a gunfight as Joel Berck Young, aged 60, shot the two deputies.

The two Whatcom County deputies, Ryan Rathbun and Deputy Jay Thompson responded to a neighborhood dispute last Thursday, February 10, in Peaceful Valley, Washington, around 4:17.  Joel Berck Young was annoyed at his neighbor who was burning garbage and/or wood. The smoke from the fire had come into his house, enraging Young. A verbal altercation between the neighbors ensued, with expletives and insults hurled in both directions. , Young then got his 12-gauge shotgun loaded with birdshot and fired a round in the air to make his point. Bad idea.


When police arrived at 4:40 pm, Young seemed intoxicated and wavedhis shotgun around. Later, it was revealed that he had been drinking vodka, coffee, and cocoa. The two deputies then proceeded to yell, “Sheriff’s Office, drop the gun!” when Young had fired multiple rounds on them, with the first deputy getting hit in the head. The second deputy returned fire to protect his fallen comrade, but he also got shot. After hitting the two men, Young had celebrated, letting out a big “YAHOO!” after he shot the deputies.

Jesse Marshall and Cody Deeter, who were busy building a wooden bench nearby, heard the gunshots and proceeded to arm themselves to respond to the shots fired. Marshall and Deeter ordered their kids and wives to get into their house while they respond to Young. When they got to Young’s house on foot, Marshall and Deeter both opened fire on Young to provide cover allowing them to pull the deputies away from the vulnerable spot they were in.