Reports have emerged claiming that a veteran spy has handed over information to the FBI alleging a Russian operation to cultivate Donald Trump. There isn’t a lot of authority behind this claim and media development. But is there a direct connection, relationship, between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump? Probably not.

Trump’s connection to Putin may not be any more significant than your relationship to Putin via RT media and news. However, those around Trump and their vulernabiltiy is a concern. It’s necessary to question Trump’s ability to make decisions. Why did he hire a mercenary lobbyist to be his chief of staff? Lobbyists perform a duty and job. It’s naive to believe they’re in-charge and that money alone is the main influence in Congress. It’s not – and you can’t just buy a politician. But, at the same time, it’s revealing that a lobbyist gained the Chief of staff position for a presidential candidate.

Lobbyists do, indeed, carry influence and power. For every bad one there are four more good ones. Congress and their young staffers are so overwhelmed, it’s near impossible for critical thinking and analysis to take place without Lobbying. But Trump’s man was lobbying for other nations. How is he able to hold the necessary clearances as Chief of Staff in the White House? How would we believe Trump chooses principled people?

A revealing article in the New York Times described how Paul Manafort wielded power in Ukraine before he advised Donald Trump. Now, today, a few outlets are carrying the story of the senior spy with information alleging Donald Trump is a target of a Russian plot.

I think in the coming years it might be beneficial to study international law and the rules that govern how countries interact with one another. While the accusations are not likely to go to court, it provides a useful framework to understanding global societal norms. The Russians, if they’re trying to force the outcome of our election, are conducting a Political Action operation. Something that the West would have considered in the past, but has moved beyond.

Yet, it’s effective, is it not? Look at the Russia hysteria in our own nation? How many tax dollars do you think Putin spent on this effort? A far we can tell, he gave a seemingly off the cuff remark praising Donald Trump. The praise, itself, wasn’t very sophisticated. It was like a chest bump across the Atlantic. Then, according to mainstream thought and talking heads in the media, the bromance never looked back.

At no point, as a potential president of the United States, can someone completely denigrate our current foreign policy. It’s not a good precedent to claim a foreign leader is making “mincemeat” of our own president at such a contentious time. There must be more civil ways to express the distaste and disagreement with the current policy. Did the Bromance go too far? It didn’t seem to hurt his polls but it has many in the national security realm concerned. He might win, as well. This is extremely important.

Putin doesn’t play favorites abroad. He plays the card he’s dealt to the best of his abilities. He’s going to do what’s best for Russia and what he views as the future for Russia. That means more resources, more influence, more power, and, in turn, more survivability, resistance to the West, and safety for Russians.

Featured image courtesy of Reuters