According to one veteran, the Department of Veterans Affairs outsourced itsVeterans Crisis Line to non-US operators likely located in India.

On the footsteps of September, suicide awareness month, the Veterans Crisis Line remains a sharp concern for Americans. At 20 suicides per day, veterans are at a much higher risk than average citizens for suicide.

VA claims it is implementing fixes, but those fixes apparently include outsourcing the help to a different continent to non-Americans.

One veteran out of the VA Is Lying Facebook group contacted me about his unusual experience over the weekend.

Rob Matthews, a disabled veteran, called the crisis hotline to get help with a family emergency. Someone who admitted to not being an American and not being located in the continental United States greeted him on the phone.

According to Matthews, he called the crisis hotline to get help about a personal matter. He immediately noticed the person had a thick foreign accent.

After growing suspicious, given his expectation that he would be speaking to an American working for VA within the continental United States, he asked more questions.

“Are you in the United States?”

The operated responded, “No sir, I am not American and not in the US, but I am here to help you.”

While some may think this is an innocent outsourcing of what could and should be a quality American job, Matthews had a sharp reaction.


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