The problem with muzzle devices of all shapes and sizes is that many of them lack the evidence to back up many of their claims such as recoil reduction. That is where Vg6 Precision the makers of the VG6 Epsilon Brake are a little different. Most everyone reading this has shot an AR-15 of some variety with the standard tried and true A2 style birdcage muzzle device on it. Yes it works but it’s sorta milk toast, plain and just a dated design. Now imagine you can get a good looking muzzle brake that also gives you 52% less rearward recoil of your rifle. Would you be willing to listen? Some of you might not believe me but the data will be presented from a previously run test comparing muzzle devices. Before we dig into that lets stop to go over the generalities of the VG6 Epsilon Brake by VG Precision.


The VG6 Epsilon Brake is made by VG Precision who once upon a time started as a California based company that produced various models of muzzle brakes to support popular calibers such as 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .300 AAC Blackout and 6.8SPC . The company still produces more than 10 varieties of brakes but more recently it was purchased by well known AR-15 manufacturer Aero Precision. The company now is located in Tacoma, Washington has appears to have no intention of slowing down its production or shrinking it’s product line, and that’s a good thing in our eyes. The more manufacturers we have making quality goods will hopefully keep competition stiff, which makes for good deals to the consumers.


NAME: VG 6 Epsilon

MANUFACTURER : VG 6 Precision (Aero Precision)

CALIBER: 5.56mm / .223 Only

LENGTH: 2.21″