The problem with muzzle devices of all shapes and sizes is that many of them lack the evidence to back up many of their claims such as recoil reduction. That is where Vg6 Precision the makers of the VG6 Epsilon Brake are a little different. Most everyone reading this has shot an AR-15 of some variety with the standard tried and true A2 style birdcage muzzle device on it. Yes it works but it’s sorta milk toast, plain and just a dated design. Now imagine you can get a good looking muzzle brake that also gives you 52% less rearward recoil of your rifle. Would you be willing to listen? Some of you might not believe me but the data will be presented from a previously run test comparing muzzle devices. Before we dig into that lets stop to go over the generalities of the VG6 Epsilon Brake by VG Precision.


The VG6 Epsilon Brake is made by VG Precision who once upon a time started as a California based company that produced various models of muzzle brakes to support popular calibers such as 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .300 AAC Blackout and 6.8SPC . The company still produces more than 10 varieties of brakes but more recently it was purchased by well known AR-15 manufacturer Aero Precision. The company now is located in Tacoma, Washington has appears to have no intention of slowing down its production or shrinking it’s product line, and that’s a good thing in our eyes. The more manufacturers we have making quality goods will hopefully keep competition stiff, which makes for good deals to the consumers.


NAME: VG 6 Epsilon

MANUFACTURER : VG 6 Precision (Aero Precision)

CALIBER: 5.56mm / .223 Only

LENGTH: 2.21″

DIAMETER: 0.866″

WEIGHT: .16 lbs

MATERIAL: 17-4 ph, Heat Treated Stainless Steel

FINISH: Black Nitride (Satin Finish)


THREAD: 1/2×28 RH (Standard AR-15 thread)

PRICE: MSRP $94.99 but can be found much cheaper

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I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of getting some new high speed muzzle device. The problem was that I was converting my 10.5″ short barrel rifle to not be able to use the Yankee Hill & Machine suppressor anymore and since that particular system needs a special muzzle adapter I was in the market for a new one. I looked at a few and shopped around until I saw an article one day on The Truth About Guns, web site on a muzzle brake review with actual data from more than one brand or type of muzzle brake. That got me thinking of spending some of my hard earned money and being the site’s guinea pig.

So that being said I ordered and tried out the VG6 Epsilon, and I have to say It has some nice things about it and a few things I didn’t really like. I forgot how much I hate crush washers and using a torque wrench, having been spoiled and not having to use them in years, so I marked that as a drawback for me personally. The cost of the VG6 was a major issue for me but I chose to accept it and move on. Now I realize that many people will not pay the MSRP for a muzzle device and I don’t blame them. The fact VG6 uses stainless steel with this model is why I decided it was worth it to me, but that is because I know the cost of stainless steel.

Now onto the design of the brake, it is a double edged sword in my mind. On one had its light weight and does reduce felt recoil when I shot it from my 10.5″ SBR , BUT it is loud, and if someone is standing to the 3 or 9 o’clock position from you, they will hate you. It will cause a problem at ranges where the shooting lanes are close to each other. If that doesn’t bother you than you are good to go from here. VG6 Precision does have a cage device that goes around the Epsilon to lessen the 3 and 9 o’clock muzzle blast. So I decided in the name of pseudo science to pick one up to try it out also.


I have yet to shoot the rifle with the cage installed, but the cage is something that is easy to install and remove since it mounts to the VG6 Epsilon with a shim and two set screws. This might be something that I find helpful so I don’t have another incident where I make children cry and freak out from the sounds of shooting an SBR under a metal roof, but I doubt it.

Another point of note on both the VG6 Epsilon and the Cage that they both feature holes in the bottom that can be clearly seen in the above pictures for those of you who want to or need to pin the muzzle brake onto your rifles to create a permanent union between the brake and the rifle’s barrel. This is most often done to comply with the archaic national firearms act rules that prohibit anyone from owning a rifle with a barrel under 16″ unless they apply and pay for a tax stamp, THANKS FDR.

There are some of you out there decrying the very thought than a device like this can reduce felt recoil by any measurable amount. To make things easier I have attached a link at the bottom to the article where The Truth About Guns web site lists the various brands of muzzle devices they tested a few years ago. The Epsilon VG6 and Epsilon Gamma are both clearly seen in the graph. There are several other reports out there confirming this information.

We hope you enjoyed this quick look at the VG6 Epsilon muzzle brake and the VG Precision cage device. If there are any other muzzle devices, optics, guns or gear you would like to see us review drop us a line in the comments section below. We will try to bring you reviews on the gear, guns, and gadgets that you want to see. We try every week to reach out to more new manufacturers and developers to get you the inside scoop on what’s new in the gun markets.

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