This pro tip from John Lovell comes in handy for those of us that don’t have access to a 100 or 200 yard range. I fall into this category and will be trying out this tip until I can get my AR to a longer range to get a more precise zero. Think of this as a combat zero where you need to at least have the peace of mind knowing where your rounds are going to go in a CQB scenario.

Here is a simply trick I developed that helps me quickly get an approximate zero prior to actually zeroing. This step is a very fast way to get on paper which can save time and a lot of frustration. I use this technique personally, and when I’m helping my students zero their rifles or AR pistols. I am shooting an AR pistol in the video and out of habit accidentally said ‘rifle’ at the beginning.” – John Lovell

Featured image courtesy of John Lovell Youtube Channel


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