The VP Debate aired this week. The world watched as these two older white men duked it out on national television. Tempers rose high and voices were raised, a few times. It was tough to stream this morning on YouTube to review the event. Maybe because so many realized it happened after reading it in the news, today. So, they’re watching it now. In all, I wasn’t disappointed.

It looks like most people seem to believe that Pence won. I think they were both more or less solid surrogates. Nothing crazy happened, nothing crazy was said. It was unremarkable like their personalities. Except, Pence has some spice and he used it when he needed it. Pence also reminded me of the compassionate conservatism that President Bush invoked campaigning.

Tim lost me and came off the hinges when he said Trump has a kind of personal Mount Rushmore. That’s where we’ve gone. Weird, colorful, attacks that aren’t fair. The civility and understanding, across the board, is so lost that we’ve lost our ability to hold our criticism to any scrutiny. If Kaine dissected his assertion that Kim Jung-Un is on Trump’s personal Rushmore he would dismiss it. But I’m sure some young advisor generated that one up between Instagram posts.

Al-Qaeda is an enormous threat and is not that different from the one ISIL poses – except Al-Qaeda will live on past Syria. ISIL is the product of a lot of things. They’re the perfect monster and distraction – depending on who you are. They’ve been allowed to exist as an army. Their days are numbered, years, a decade, whatever – Al-Qaeda is likely an eternal threat. Al-Qaeda has a strong foothold and continues to gain a footing in Africa; a porous part of the world where they can mass power and influence and we’re way behind. This didn’t come up, of course.