PEOTUS Trump promised his followers on the campaign trail that a wall would be a built. There’s evidence out there, at least in some geographic areas, it absolutely would work. But, maybe in others – it wouldn’t. I am not an expert – although it might be wise to try and become so over the next few years. But, it does seem some kind of innovation is going to enter our Customs and Border Protection system. In all, when the dust settles I remain hopeful it will be for the better.

I think that stance can be taken with all of the chaos, right now. In the end, it’ll be OK. In all of our lives, at some point, at key moments we freak out, I know I do, and those moments pass. Then, we’re OK and we learn and adjust. I’m convinced that is what’s going to happen with immigration and the border. We’re forced now to take a deep look at the situation. Something that required will and work and was avoided by our elected representation, until now. I’d hedge that they’ll put this off in the legislature as best they can because it’s bound to elicit a polarity of intense opinions. But, something ought to be done.

The idea that those who wish to subvert our society can enter our country should be enough to take some kind of measured and calculated action. Right now, the situation on the borders seems both porous in parts and locked down in others. There are border patrol agents with real stories of violence occurring near and on the border. This is our backyard and we should be as concerned as we are about Aleppo. By that, I mean everyone and the media. Right now, it seems like the only people who care happen to be affected by the immigration issue and the media is out to lunch.

It’s a good thing that the new head of DHS is Marine General John Kelly. President Obama singled him out in during 2013 as a prime and well-qualified candidate. The military has developed extensive experience protecting and managing borders after more than a decade at war. We don’t have to militarize the border with active duty personnel and replace the border patrol. But they can share knowledge, work together, and improve together.

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