Two war veterans were recently featured in the news for their ongoing service in their respective communities: one through music, the other through his generosity to sick kids. They were heralded as heroes during their time in the military. Today, they’ve become altruistic civilian champions serving others.

Service Through Music

Garland Williford is a Vietnam War veteran, and though he retired years ago, he continues to serve his community by instead sharing his gift of music. The 75-year-old veteran spends most of his time performing for his fellow seniors, touring around local nursing homes along with his guitar to sing and entertain them.

A man entertains seniors in local nursing homes
(Screenshot from KPXJ21)

“I love it. I like entertaining. I enjoy giving back to the seniors,” Williford shared in an interview with KPXJ21. “I enjoy making them smile and giving them some enjoyment. After a while, you see their feet move, then you’ll see their hands tap. Music is something that they can relate to.”

Williford would start his set with old country music, followed by a variety of pop songs from the 30s to 60s—the kind of tune that most seniors could relate to and that some might even reminisce about the good old times. He would then end his set with gospel music that perfectly concludes his performance.