Few things other than actually bludgeoning a dude will get the testosterone flowing like smashing something with a giant hammer to the tune of heavy metal. If you don’t listen to metal while training, you are Doing. It. Wrong.

I know many of you already use sledgehammers in your workout, as this community in particular is a huge proponent and endorsers of Crossfit. Which kind of makes sense seeing as the whole “functional strength and conditioning” thing was taken from the military. If you disagree, keep it to yourself, I do not care to hear your cult rants.

That being said, I flip tires, train with ropes, sandbags, sleds, the works. I get it, and I dig it, so keep your WOD in your pants. As I alluded to in previous articles, I will be hitting on fitness frequently. Because it matters. It matters as much as whether your gun is zeroed. Do not neglect it.

Warhammer: ROGUE SISU

So here it is. The Rogue Fitness SISU Warhammer. I said the same thing you’re saying to yourself now if you haven’t swung this beast yet. “Why don’t I save the hundred bucks or whatever it costs and go to Home Depot for a sledge?” Well, you can. But if you use a sledge frequently in your training, or you are looking to do so in a serious manner, this piece of equipment makes the exercise a lot more effective and powerful.

First thing is the weight. The SISU has an empty head that can be filled with sand, or lead shot, or whatever you deviants can think of. I’d rather not know. Empty, it weighs 14lbs, with sand it weighs 20lbs, and with lead shot it weighs 28lbs, which is obviously more than the normal sledge you can pick up elsewhere. The total length is 42″ with a 38″ handle length. Also substantially more than a standard sledge. The length makes a big difference and is a big help in getting proper leverage and building energy through the swing.

The SISU is also built very well. The first thing I noticed out of the box was that Rogue made this thing very solid. The handle goes all the way through the head to further strengthen the design. I beat the hell out of this hammer and it has held up great so far. It just feels right overall and makes the hammer swing a more formidable exercise to add to the inventory. So if you love your sledging, like I do, or want to get into it, I would spring for one of these hammers.

You can check out the Rogue SISU Warhammer here for $125 ROGUE Fitness SISU War Hammer

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