Looking for an edge to keep yourself mentally sharp? I remember watching the movie Limitless and being very intrigued by the concept of increasing mental performance.

Whether you’re a college student or a Special Operations commando there is always room to improve your mental focus and overall cognitive performance. The Warfighter Coffee Shop has created such a supplement called Warheads on Foreheads. Think of it as CLP for your brain.

Description (courtesy of warfighteroffeeshop.com):

Warheads on Foreheads (WHOF) is a cognitive performance supplement, also known as a nootropic supplement, in pill form. WHOF is the product of testing and development ranging from the hot Twenty-Nine Palms summer to the somewhat cold environment of the Missouri Winter, designed to give you the cognitive edge in every clime and place. WHOF was originally designed for the Grunt community but has shown utility in all walks of life. WHOF will help you to perform well in the workplace and school.

For more information and a list of ingredients visit their website.