We all know how important medical care is. Seconds can be the difference in saving a buddy from bleeding out! When it comes to medical gear, anything that can make up those seconds should be top of the list.

I’m going to start by saying this Medic Rip Off Pouch is a remarkable bit of kit that really impressed me from the first moment. The whole concept is very practical. The idea of being able to rip your whole med kit off and have it wear you need it is one of the greatest ideas since the dump pouch. When everyone is flapping around trying to pull bits of their med kit out, you can simply just rip it off and have all the contents on hand to deal with the casualty. No fuss and no messing about.

Warrior Assault Systems | Medic Rip off Pouch

The pouch is held securely in place by Mil Spec Velcro and backed up by webbing / clip closure. Simply unclasp the safety and either use the pouch in the traditional form or pull down hard using the handle and rip the pouch off the panel. This enables it to be passed immediately to another operator or casualty and for the owner to continue with the mission or to the objective.

Warrior Assault Systems | Medic Rip off Pouch

Forget messing around trying to get quick clot out, you will have the whole kit at your hands ready to use. This can be the difference between life and death, or your buddy suffering a little bit longer as you try to find all your med gear. It’s those crucial seconds that count and this pouch can make the difference. It also has a strap going over the pouch which simply fixes in place with a clip. For the record it’s not going anywhere. I’ve banged it up against doors, windows and glass without moving an inch. I cannot stress enough just tough / robust this Velcro is the clip is just for a piece of mind. You could get away without using the clip but I would not advise it.

Regarding the size; to me it’s the perfect size. You can fit all you need in there.  I had 2 morphine pens, 2 FFDs, 2 quick clot, scissors, bandages, tampons, sweets and others items. It’s great that it is not too bulky and flapping around everywhere. Once in place its secure. When needed just RIP…. And you got all you need. Guys, this is defiantly one of my favorite bits of kit on the market today. Would highly recommend this for anyone. I rate these 10 out of 10.

From Chase Tactical:

Warrior’s Patent Pending Medic Rip Off Pouch holds a wide variety of Med Kit. Mil-Spec Elastic Compartments and Tabs organise kit in order of use.
Can hold 2 C.A.Ts, 2 Compression Bandages, 2 QuikClot Combat Gauze, Chest Seals, Airways, and Trauma Shears.”

Thanks Brent and the boys at Chase Tactical for hooking me up!!!

Cheers guys Jay

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.