MAG pouches are the never-ending battle for some of us out there. In the past I had used the Blue Force Gear triple elastic Mag pouches. You guys may remember I was a massive fan of them making my drawing speed like lightning. But also, the vice hold they had on the Mags it gave me confidence knowing my Mags were going to fall out during tactical movements. I was very keen to try the Warrior Assault Systems version giving the fact the Warrior has a great reputation. I knew that they would not disappoint.

There was one thing straight away that I noticed; They looked bulkier than Blue Force Gears, but the quality on these stand out and they look immense. The construction and build quality looks like they could take a life time of abuse. You will also notice a gap the top unlike that of the Blue Force Gear version. It might be possible to make a tactical reload with these. These made for 5.56 AR style of mags, but am using 5.45 AK 74s and had no problems with them fitting just as simple as last time they do take a bit of wearing in though so bear with them. These pouches are on par with that of Blue Force Gear no matter what you do these are not coming out. Drawing speed? I could draw that little bit quicker with the Warrior pouches. This is due to the little gap you get at the back; for me I could get a better grip on the magazine. On the Blue Force Gear version, they stuck right to the rig leaving no room whatsoever.

Now can you pull off a tactical reload with these, but for me it still takes too long to get the mag back in the pouch. In contact situations, it’s just not going to happen which is why we have dump pouches guys! Maybe if one day I try with an AR type mag 5.56 I might be able to do a tactical reload, but for now I still can’t. Don’t get me wrong I believe it’s possible with the Warrior Magazine Pouches.

Warrior Assault Systems | Triple Elastic Magazine Pouches

They attach by Molle so you can fit them to most things. The one big difference for me on the Warrior mag pouches are that they look better constructed and more durable than the Blue Force Gear ones and like I said with AR mags (5.56) I think you will be able to put your mag back in the pouch.

It’s hard for me to say which is better; Blue Force Gear or Warrior Assault Systems? I really like both because of the hold and the speed in which you can draw your mags out. For this one going to get a 9 out 10 just the same because I think both are equal in the elastic Mag pouch battle. Both are worth buying in my eyes. They are better than most other mag pouches out there. I will continue to use both in my line of work. I guess the game changer will be which one will last longer and if I use an AR (5.56) can I pull the Tactical reload off. If was able too then I would say hands down Warrior wins. Great bit of kit from a great company! Big thanks to the boys at Warrior and of Course Brent and the boys at Chase Tactical.

Warrior Assault Systems | Triple Elastic Magazine Pouches